Honeywell U.S. Smart Building Score

From San Francisco to New York, buildings dot skylines and punctuate cities, taking on many shapes and purposes, from airports and hospitals to commercial office spaces and college campuses. Making all buildings smarter is key to getting the best out of human and organizational resources, regardless of industry.
Honeywell recently examined just how much opportunity exists to make U.S. facilities truly great, applying the Smart Building Score rating system to nearly 500 building across seven major U.S. cities. The findings reveal valuable insights about opportunities to boost sustainability, security and productivity, producing a blueprint for making U.S. buildings smarter — and making them work for better business results.
Is Your  Building as Smart as You Think?
This video explores how the Honeywell Smart Building Score can help unlock your building's potential and make it safer, greener and more productive.
Put Your Building to Work: A Smart Approach to Better Business Outcomes

Today's buildings are being challenged to become smarter. And that's a good thing: smart buildings are bottom-line business contributors. This whitepaper explores how to put your building to work, outlining a path to better business outcomes.
Put your buildings to work

Intelligent Business Proposition

Smart buildings can drive business outcomes while enhancing experiences. View this info-graphic to learn more.


Smart Buildings, Smart Outcomes

What's a smart building? This video examines what a smart building does — and means —for an organization.

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