Our Businesses

                        You can't see most of our products, but you can count on them. Your safe flight might depend on our collision avoidance and traffic control systems, wing ice and wind shear sensors, autopilots and landing systems. Our control systems keep your home and office at just the right temperature. Our space-age fibers make body armor bullet-resistant. And, as leading makers of safer substitutes for CFCs, we help protect the earth's ozone layer.

Honeywell is a leading global supplier of aircraft components, engines, avionics, and related products and services for commercial airlines, business and regional aircraft, and spacecraft.

Automation & Control Solutions
Honeywell makes homes, buildings, industrial sites, and airport facilities more efficient, safe and comfortable. Our products, solutions, and services are prominent in growth areas such as sensors, wireless technology, and real-time data management.

Specialty Materials
Honeywell produces high-performance specialty materials such fluorocarbons, specialty films, advanced fibers, customized research chemicals and intermediates for applications as diverse as telecommunications, ballistic protection, pharmaceutical packaging, and counterfeiting avoidance.

Transportation Systems
As a leading automotive supplier, Honeywell enhances vehicle performance, efficiency, and appearance through state-of-the-art technologies, world-class brands, and global solutions to our customers’ needs.

Honeywell Intellectual Property International
Honeywell has created a Technology Licensing Portal that allows one to either search or drill down for the technologies that Honeywell has available for external licensing.  We invite you to explore the dynamic world of Honeywell's technology.

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