Six Sigma

Six Sigma is one of the most potent strategies ever developed to accelerate improvements in processes, products, and services, and to radically reduce manufacturing and/or administrative costs and improve quality. It achieves this by relentlessly focusing on eliminating waste and reducing defects and variation.

Leading-edge companies are applying this bottom-line enhancing strategy to every function in their organizations -- from design and engineering to manufacturing to sales and marketing to supply management -- for dramatic savings.

Six Sigma is Morris Township, NJ-headquartered Honeywell's principal engine for driving growth and productivity across all its businesses. In addition to manufacturing, Honeywell applies Six Sigma to all of its administrative functions.

Honeywell has realized billions in cumulative savings from Six Sigma-related activities.

Through Six Sigma , Honeywell empowers its employees with the skills and tools necessary to create more value for its customers; improve its processes, products, and services, and grow the company by capitalizing on the power of the Internet through e-Business.

To emphasize its conviction that the strategy will accomplish high-impact business results, all Honeywell leaders are required to become certified, at least, at the Six Sigma expert level of "Green Belt." Certifications for those with higher Six Sigma skills also are part of Honeywell's comprehensive Six Sigma learning program.

Six Sigma methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) is applied to a wide variety of projects -- not only to the elimination of variation in processes. That means Honeywell's Six Sigma umbrella is larger than that of many companies; its skill sets include Lean Enterprise, Activity Based Management, Honeywell Quality Value assessment, Total Productive Maintenance and Growth projects, among others.

Honeywell infuses and sustains Six Sigma in the culture at each of its work sites around the world. That is why it invests heavily in Six Sigma learning for its employees. This is a huge commitment that fuels customer-driven process improvements as well as new products and services in each of Honeywell's businesses everywhere.