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Glass Treatment Helps Drivers Avoid Scraping Ice from Car WindowsGlass Treatment Helps Drivers Avoid Scraping Ice from Car Windows

Many drivers park their cars outside during the cold weather months, requiring them to rise earlier to scrape ice, frost and snow off their windshields before leaving for their morning commute or running weekend errands.

Removing ice from a vehicle’s windshield in frigid temperatures is exhausting and time consuming. With Honeywell’s “night before” Prestone® Ice & Frost Shield vehicle glass treatment, frost and light ice can easily be wiped with the vehicle’s windshield wipers or a snow brush.

The product, which won a 2006 Hot Product of the Year Award from DSN Retailing Today and was also recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute, is simple to use. Drivers just spray Prestone® Ice & Frost Shield on the glass surfaces of their vehicle once it is parked for the night.

Prestone® Ice & Frost Shield glass treatment is designed to be robust and resilient. The formula imparts an overnight barrier to the glass, thus reducing the adhesion of the ice and frost to the windshield and other surfaces. This dramatically reduces the time, effort and hassle it takes to clear the glass off.

The treated glass will stay clear of frost while just a few swipes from windshield wipers or a snow brush will easily clear heavier amounts of frost, snow and ice. It can also be used during the day while people are working or when the vehicle isn’t being used for longer periods of time.

Prestone® Ice & Frost Shield is available at select automotive retail outlets including Wal-Mart and Kmart. To learn more about the complete line of Prestone® products, visit www.prestone.com or call (800) 862-7737.

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