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Sep 30, 2004

Internet Turns 35

According to most computer-industry historians, the Internet was born on Sept. 2, 1969.  That’s the date a university professor and two of his graduate students sent data packets from their computer at a UCLA engineering lab through rudimentary connections to computers at Stanford and the ...
Aug 02, 2004

Still Going Around in Circles

Vanguard I, the second human-made satellite put in earth orbit by the United States, has now been circling the planet for nearly five decades. But it’s really just getting started. Launched at the dawn of the space age, about five months after the Soviets sent Sputnik I on its historic journey, ...

Jul 02, 2004

Time for Turbos

Today's gasoline prices have escalated the importance of superior performance and fuel economy among car buyers. Honeywell's turbochargers offer a promising solution, but it wasn't always that way. Initially, turbocharged engines such as the Oldsmobile Jetfire and Porsche Turbo-Carrerra met with only ...
May 23, 2004

Slice of Aviation History


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