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Apr 16, 2008

Clear Green Skies

Today’s passenger planes are flying further on less fuel than ever before. In fact, aircraft fuel efficiency has improved more than 70 percent since the beginning of the jet age. More than half of this improvement can be credited to more powerful and efficient aircraft engines. With almost a half ...
Mar 13, 2008

Programmed for Savings

The latest Honeywell programmable thermostats can help homeowners save as much as 33 percent of their heating and cooling costs. They represent the latest in a long line of innovations in automated home comfort controls. Honeywell engineers first began working on ways to incorporate a clock into their ...
Feb 05, 2008

Cold Facts

Today’s best refrigerators, freezers and other home appliances use high-performance rigid polyurethane insulating foam to improve performance and save energy. But without Honeywell’s Enovate® blowing agent, insulating foams wouldn’t be effective. The blowing agent lets the foam ...

Jan 08, 2008

In Close Confidence

When aircraft fly in formation, pilots want to stay together but avoid the obvious dangers of getting too close. Aircraft equipped with the Military Airborne Collision Avoidance System – Formation Rendezvous (MILACAS-FR) will be able to fly closer than ever with Honeywell’s innovative technology. ...


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