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When it comes to delivering solutions that matter to the world, we can’t do it alone. We need a team made up of the best and brightest. The most creative. The most passionate. The most driven to make the world a better place. That’s what we care about and that’s who we hire. Honeywell has built its success over 125 years by bringing together interesting, inquisitive and creative individuals to solve some of the biggest challenges of comfort, safety, and security. Success like that doesn’t come without a deep respect for what makes us unique as individuals - different perspectives, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. 

At Honeywell, diversity means we understand and respect every single individual. And we work well together. Diversity is part of a culture that has given us a competitive advantage that enables our global teams to generate new and better ideas faster and to more effectively collaborate and innovate. Our people are what makes us great - and diversity is what makes our team great.

This makes our work environment more productive, more dynamic, and more positive. It means we can come together and deliver the kind of outstanding tools and solutions our customers have come to expect.