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Honeywell's New Smart Building Technology Uses Visualization and Intuitive Interfaces to Improve Operations and Business Outcomes

Honeywell’s next generation of smart building technology, Command and Control Suite, turns complex facility data into recommendations and easy-to-implement changes that help boost business outcomes — lowering costs, minimizing risk and reducing downtime.

Command and Control Suite video

By combining intelligent automation, advanced analytics and visualization with the simplified user experience of today’s home and mobile electronics, Command and Control Suite links building automation and the enterprise. It can provide a holistic view of a connected building’s video feeds, access control and fire alarms, for example, and pull in relevant information from human resource applications. Integrating data from these disparate systems could help security personnel track occupants and make sure they exit the facility in the event of an evacuation, improving employee safety. Investing in this type of smart building technology typically pays for itself within one or two years by delivering operational efficiencies as well as energy savings, according to a recent report by Jones Lang LaSalle, a financial and professional services firm.

“A building’s intelligence is largely influenced by those who operate it and can make the changes necessary to improve performance,” said John Rajchert, President of Honeywell Building Solutions. “So enhancing the user experience is imperative. It allows organizations to extract the most value from their technology investment. Like today’s ubiquitous tablet and mobile devices, Command Wall makes connecting with information and others fast and simple.”

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