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Honeywell Hosts Annual Investor Conference; Reaffirms 1st Quarter and Full-Year 2017 Outlook

Honeywell hosted its annual investor conference in New York City on Wednesday, March 1 where it highlighted expectations for strong organic sales growth and long-term earnings outperformance, and showcased its Connected Technologies portfolio. The Company also reaffirmed full year earnings per share guidance of $6.85-$7.10 (ex-pension MTM) and first quarter earnings per share guidance of $1.60-$1.64.

During the event, President and Chief Operating Officer, Darius Adamczyk, discussed his top priorities as incoming Chief Executive Officer.

“As Honeywell's new CEO, my priority will be to accelerate organic growth across all of our business segments, further expand margins via commercial excellence and continued productivity rigor, and solidify Honeywell's position as a leading software-industrial company. Capital deployment will continue to be a key component of Honeywell's strategy, which has served us well over the last fifteen years.”

Honeywell also hosted a Technology Showcase, where key products for the home, aviation, vehicles, commercial buildings and industrial facilities were on display for attendees. The showcase prominently featured Honeywell's Connected Technologies, demonstrating how each is important to transforming the business and driving a greater emphasis on its software offerings.

“Honeywell's connected products give us a significant advantage over our competitors, supporting double-digit growth in our over $1 billion standalone software portfolio,” continued Adamczyk. “Our connected product offerings whether in the cockpit, automobile, factory, home or commercial building are unique because Honeywell is able to combine physical products with software to deliver value that our customers will pay for and that make the ‚Äòinternet of things' a reality.”

“Through our focus on breakthrough initiatives, HOS Gold, and smart investments, we will continue to drive organic growth and margin expansion through 2018 and beyond,” said Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote. “The best is certainly yet to come for Honeywell, and I along with the entire Board are confident in our ability to continue to outperform under Darius Adamczyk.” Read the full press release here.

Mark Macaluso
Investor Relations