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Notes from our Shanghai Summer Camp

These kids spent their vacations playing, learning and getting inspired about math and science

This summer, eight students and four teachers from schools rebuilt by Honeywell after the 2008 Sichuan, China, earthquake, traveled to Shanghai to attend the Honeywell Scholarship and Summer Camp Program.

At camp, the Sichuan students from Honeywell United Primary School and Honeywell Baohe Primary School, made a few new friends from the nearby Zhangjiang Primary School, built model airplanes, tried Kuaibanr (a traditional Chinese instrument used to perform rhythmic comic talk or monologue to the accompaniment of bamboo clappers), attended a mini lecture on China's lunar exploration project given by Honeywell Senior Engineer Li Yao, visited the Shanghai Natural History Museum, and spent a weekend with employees' families.

A Memorable Summer Camp in Shanghai

The Honeywell Technology Experience China (HTEC) tour was an eye-opening experience for the students between Grade 4 and 6. Rui Li was extremely interested in the protective gear: “The helmet was a bit too big for me,” he said. “But I think I looked very cool!”

A Memorable Summer Camp in Shanghai
A highlight for the students was learning to make model airplanes and playing the Kuaibanr. “It was very exciting watching my plane fly through the air and hit the ground. I'll definitely do better next time,” said Jiayi Guo.

A Memorable Summer Camp in Shanghai

“I've watched a Kuaibanr performance on TV but never played myself until today,” said Jiali Yang from Honeywell Baohe Primary School.

A Memorable Summer Camp in Shanghai

The mini-lecture on China's lunar exploration project inspired students to dream of a future in aerospace. “The simple experiments were really amazing,” said Yonghan Liu from Honeywell United Primary School.

A Memorable Summer Camp in Shanghai
The students then visited the Natural History Museum, where they learned about animal specimens, dinosaur fossils, endangered species, and life on earth that they had only experienced in earth science books.

Honeywell engineer James Huang took Hongrui Liu of the Honeywell United Primary School to a robot exhibition. “It was like magic, like in a sci-fi film! The technology really thrilled me,” said Liu.

A Memorable Summer Camp in Shanghai

Left: Beth Li's Daughter; Right: Jia Zhou (Honeywell Baohe Primary School)

At the end of the week, Honeywell volunteers and their families also prepared farewell gifts for the kids. Beth Li, a Honeywell volunteer and her daughter gave Jia Zhou from Honeywell Baohe Primary School an English novel and her best wishes. “It was a wonderful experience,” said Jia.

Chunhua Lu
Communications Director