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Survey:Almost 90% of Americans Ready For The Connected Home

Everyone is familiar with the saying “home is where the heart is.” For an increasing number of Americans, it’s also where we want to be more connected, according to a recent Honeywell survey. The survey explored how consumers feel about the technology inside and outside of their house and what’s motivating them (or holding them back) from bringing more of it into their homes. While the idea of a fully connected home is still a work in progress, the survey found that Americans aren’t just ready for what a connected home can offer, they’re asking for it. In fact, almost 90% wish they could automate features within their homes while they’re at home or away.

What’s causing the clamor to connect? Having a sense of safety is playing a major role. More than two-thirds of Americans do not always feel totally safe in their own homes. Today’s home technology may be just the security blanket people need to feel more comfortable, connected, and secure, ensuring home can really be where the heart is. As our homes continue to become more “techie” seemingly every day, people's attitudes toward putting out the welcome mat for more gadgets and apps are warming. However, 66% of Americans say the cost of it all is holding them back from letting the latest tech through the door. Even those who already have parts of their home connected in some way are not fully utilizing the tools and features. According to the survey, 34% of people in the U.S. with security systems often don’t remember to use them when they leave for vacation, and only 39% of Americans with smart thermostats use them to adjust their homes’ temperatures when traveling. By 2025, Americans, on average, believe that nearly half (44%) of all of the items in their homes will be connected. This is more than triple the amount of items that Americans estimate are connected in their homes today (14%).

“People want to be comfortable, safe and in control at home; it’s what we’ve heard from our customers for over a century,” says Jeremy Eaton, president, Honeywell Connected Home. “Those sentiments aren’t likely to change. Our goal is to keep innovating to meet those needs with smart products and services that improve people’s lives.” Connected Homes are Appealing:

  • 60% think it would be “cool” to have an app that controls their locks and doors. Actually 27% of millennials and 19% of baby boomers don’t lock their windows and doors before leaving home for an extended period today.
  • 48% of pet owners in the U.S. would like the ability to feed their pets remotely while they are away.

With interest, expectations, and demand on the rise, today’s technology can help people feel even closer to home, easing minds and providing feelings of comfort and control whether they’re home or away. Learn more about how Honeywell is shaping the home of today and tomorrow, please visit