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Branch ID New Zealand

How to find your Branch ID 

  1. Press "CTRL+F" on your keyboard
  2. Enter the value you need to search
  3. After finding the value, please select and copy the entire text
  4. Go back our online Onboarding form and paste the text in the corresponding field
  5. If the value is not available on our list, please enter "Not Available" or please follow this format: Bank Name - Brand ID Name - Branch ID Code
Branch ID
Not Available
ANZ Bank-170 Featherston Street~0113
ANZ Bank-205 Queen Street~0287
ANZ Bank-424a St Luke's Mall~0142
ANZ Bank-45 Queen Street Auckland~0129
ANZ Bank-ANZ - Greymouth North~0845
ANZ Bank-ANZ - Hunters Corner~0172
ANZ Bank-ANZ - Penrose~0241
ANZ Bank-ANZ Bank - Queenstown~0867
ANZ Bank-ANZ Bank-Hornby~0811
ANZ Bank-ANZ Bank-Huntly~0330
ANZ Bank-ANZ Bank-Timaru~0886
ANZ Bank-ANZ Huapai – Cnr of Matua & M~0141
ANZ Bank-ANZ Market Street~0601
ANZ Bank-Asian Banking~0229
ANZ Bank-Auckland (Queen and Victoria~5462
ANZ Bank-Auckland Airport~0805
ANZ Bank-Auckland~0102
ANZ Bank-Auckland~0188
ANZ Bank-Auckland~1843
ANZ Bank-Avonhead~7888
ANZ Bank-Balclutha~0914
ANZ Bank-Bank Street-Whangarei~0493
ANZ Bank-Blockhouse Bay~0583
ANZ Bank-Botany Downs~1804
ANZ Bank-Browns Bay~0122
ANZ Bank-Christchurch~0851
ANZ Bank-Christchurch~7814
ANZ Bank-Constellation Drive~0421
ANZ Bank-Direct Business Banking~0869
ANZ Bank-Eleventh Avenue~0491
ANZ Bank-Featherston Street~0501
ANZ Bank-Howick~0170
ANZ Bank-Huapai~0254
ANZ Bank-Invercargill~0961
ANZ Bank-Johnsonville North~0541
ANZ Bank-Johnsonville~0553
ANZ Bank-Lending Services~0103
ANZ Bank-Lincoln Road, Auckland~0622
ANZ Bank-Lower Hutt 3~7281
ANZ Bank-Manchester Street~0663
ANZ Bank-Manukau City~0197
ANZ Bank-Manukau~0190
ANZ Bank-Masterton~7100
ANZ Bank-Matamata~0362
ANZ Bank-Mt Eden Road, Mount Eden~0205
ANZ Bank-Mt Eden~0177
ANZ Bank-Mt Eden~1840
ANZ Bank-Mt Roskill~0709
ANZ Bank-Napier~0685
ANZ Bank-Napier~0701
ANZ Bank-Nat IBIS Testing~0589
ANZ Bank-Nat Wellington Clearings~0996
ANZ Bank-National Bank Manurewa~0729
ANZ Bank-National Bank~0991
ANZ Bank-Nelson~7400
ANZ Bank-New Lynn~0186
ANZ Bank-New Plymouth~0707
ANZ Bank-New Resident Services Auckland~0071
ANZ Bank-Oamaru~0941
ANZ Bank-Otorohanga~0391
ANZ Bank-Pahiatua~0723
ANZ Bank-Pakuranga South Auckland~0222
ANZ Bank-Panmure~0225
ANZ Bank-Papakura~0401
ANZ Bank-Papanui South~0817
ANZ Bank-Riccarton Road~0821
ANZ Bank-Riccarton~0819
ANZ Bank-Riccarton~0913
ANZ Bank-Richmond 258 queens street~0677
ANZ Bank-Royal Oak Branch~0807
ANZ Bank-Takapuna~0273
ANZ Bank-Te Puke~0451
ANZ Bank-Te Puke~0453
ANZ Bank-Te Rapa Hamiliton~0450
ANZ Bank-The National Bank of NZL~0101
ANZ Bank-Unitec-Auckland~0968
ANZ Bank-Upper Lampton Quay~0505
ANZ Bank-Upper Queen Street~0201
ANZ Bank-Uxbridge Road~0169
ANZ Bank-Wairau Road~0294
ANZ Bank-WestCity - 117~0878
ANZ Bank-Westgate~0596
ANZ Bank-01 Botany Downs~0221
ANZ Bank-01 Ward Street~0321
ANZ Bank-01 Chatham Islands~0676
ANZ Bank-01 Albany Mall~1838
ANZ Bank-06 Birkenhead Branch~0115
ANZ Bank-06 Newmarket~0193
ANZ Bank-06 Waikato University Branch~0983
ASB Bank-12 Wellsford~3094
ASB Bank-12 Hunters Plaza~3044
ASB Bank-ASB Bank~3069
ASB Bank-Auckland Hospital~3617
ASB Bank-Auckland~3055
ASB Bank-Bank Porirua~3254
ASB Bank-Bank Westgate~3085
ASB Bank-Barrington~3482
ASB Bank-Botany Downs~3233
ASB Bank-Botany Junction~3436
ASB Bank-Central Auckland Broker Centr~3261
ASB Bank-Chartwell-Hamilton~3171
ASB Bank-Christchurch~3066
ASB Bank-Christchurch~3634
ASB Bank-Contact Centre-Auckland~3010
ASB Bank-Downtown~3216
ASB Bank-Federal Street~3205
ASB Bank-Glenfield~3072
ASB Bank-Greenlane~3021
ASB Bank-Greenwoods Cornes~3025
ASB Bank-Hamilton~3122
ASB Bank-Hamilton~3152
ASB Bank-Havelock North~3439
ASB Bank-Hornby~3441
ASB Bank-HOWICK~3040
ASB Bank-Hunters Corner~3028
ASB Bank-Karangahape Road~3024
ASB Bank-Lambton Quay~3140
ASB Bank-Lower Hutt~3142
ASB Bank-Lynnmall Branch - New Lynn~3034
ASB Bank-Mangere Bridge~3054
ASB Bank-Manukau City~3083
ASB Bank-Meadowbank~3086
ASB Bank-Meadowlands~3132
ASB Bank-Milford-Auckland~3050
ASB Bank-Mt Eden~3048
ASB Bank-NAPIER~3144
ASB Bank-Northcote~3053
ASB Bank-Otahuhu~3018
ASB Bank-Pakuranga~3056
ASB Bank-Palmerston North~3143
ASB Bank-Paraparaumu~3157
ASB Bank-Queen & Wellesley Street~3011
ASB Bank-Queensgate/Lower Hutt~3141
ASB Bank-Rotorua~3155
ASB Bank-Royal Oak~3061
ASB Bank-Silverdale~3136
ASB Bank-South Te Atatu~3071
ASB Bank-Sovereign Home Loans Branch~3236
ASB Bank-St Lukes~3077
ASB Bank-Sunnynook~3087
ASB Bank-Sylvia Park~3287
ASB Bank-Takapuna~3026
ASB Bank-Waiuku~3052
ASB Bank-Walton Street~3115
ASB Bank-Wellington~3174
ASB Bank-Wellington~3223
ASB Bank-Westcity-ASB Bank~3232
ASB Bank-Whangarei~3099
Bank of New Zealand-262 Queen Street~0290
Bank of New Zealand-50 Manners Street~0560
Bank of New Zealand-Albany~1244
Bank of New Zealand-Anckland~1216
Bank of New Zealand-BNZ~0888
Bank of New Zealand-Browns Bay~0400
Bank of New Zealand-Christchurch~0800
Bank of New Zealand-Dominion~0144
Bank of New Zealand-Eastridge~1232
Bank of New Zealand-Hamilton East~0342
Bank of New Zealand-Hastings Branch~0644
Bank of New Zealand-Henderson~0152
Bank of New Zealand-Lower Hutt~0528
Bank of New Zealand-Manukau Banking, Auckland~0191
Bank of New Zealand-Manurewa~0358
Bank of New Zealand-Napier~0700
Bank of New Zealand-New Lynn~0184
Bank of New Zealand-Newmarket~0192
Bank of New Zealand-Parnell~0238
Bank of New Zealand-Penrose~0240
Bank of New Zealand-Ponsonby~0248
Bank of New Zealand-Pukekohe~0404
Bank of New Zealand-Remuera~0256
Bank of New Zealand-Silverdale~1298
Bank of New Zealand-South Dunedin~0910
Bank of New Zealand-Takapuna Branch~0272
Bank of New Zealand-The Cooperative Bank 1~1242
Bank of New Zealand-The Cooperative Bank 2~1246
Bank of New Zealand-The Palms Mall~1253
Bank of New Zealand-Wairau~0278
Bank of New Zealand-Whakatane~0488
KIWI Bank-Botany Branch~9010
KIWI Bank-Ellerslie~9012
KIWI Bank-Head Office~9009
KIWI Bank-Head Office~9015
KIWI Bank-Hornby Branch-Christchurch~9017
KIWI Bank-Kiwi Bank Wellington~9016
KIWI Bank-Kiwi Bank~9018
KIWI Bank-Kiwibank Limited Head Office~9000
KIWI Bank-Kiwibank Limited Head Office~9001
KIWI Bank-Kiwibank Limited Head Office~9002
KIWI Bank-Kiwibank Limited Head Office~9006
KIWI Bank-Kiwibank Limited Head Office~9008
KIWI Bank-Kiwibank Limited Head Office~9011
KIWI Bank-Kiwibank Limited Head Office~9014
KIWI Bank-Kiwibank Wellington~9004
KIWI Bank-Whangarei~9003
KIWI Bank-38 Wellington~9019
TSB Bank-TSB Bank Direct~3959
TSB Bank-TSB-Botany Town Centre~3987
Westpac-298 Broadway, Newmarket~0195
Westpac-309 Broadway, Newmarket~0196
Westpac-318 Lambton Quay~0502
Westpac-79 Queen St~0104
Westpac-79 Queen St~0252
Westpac-Albany branch~1322
Westpac-Credit Union Auckland~1760
Westpac-HORNBY Mall~0767
Westpac-Karori Mall~1540
Westpac-Lower Hutt~0531
Westpac-Manukau City Mall~1506
Westpac-Moray Place Dunedin~0905
Westpac-Mt Eden~0228
Westpac-New Lynn~0187
Westpac-North End~0539
Westpac-Penrose Branch Auckland~0243
Westpac-St Lukes~1500
Westpac-St Lukes~4823
Westpac-Sylvia Park~1528
Westpac-Takapuna Branch~0275
Westpac-takapuna Branch~4804
Westpac-Westpac Upper Hutt~0774
Westpac-Westpac-Courtenay Place~0515
Westpac-03 Thames~0458
Westpac-03 Ruakaka Whangarei~1538