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A Million-Dollar Problem Becomes a Multimillion-Dollar Opportunity

Cathay Pacific’s on time performance reaches cruising altitude.


With Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) failures causing 242 costly delays per year and lowering its on-time performance, Cathay Pacific understood that it had a $24-million-dollar problem* on its hands. And since it was affecting customers on over 1,700 flights, it had the potential to become an even larger problem.

*Based on 242 delays due to APU failures at a cost of up to $100K per delay or cancellation.


Via Honeywell Forge, we collected and analyzed:

  • 90,000 flight sectors
  • 1.6M flight records
  • 13,000 APU reports
  • 44,000 fault messages
  • 327,000 maintenance entries

With this information, we built a predictive model capable of spotting parts failing on 61 of Cathay’s planes up to three days before actual failure.


Cathay reduced delays and cancellations by 30 percent, lowered repair times by 90 percent and measurably improved customer satisfaction. This proactive approach means that Cathay’s MRO now saves them millions, instead of costing them millions.