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Dave Cote Talks 2013 Earnings And Honeywell Growth on Mad Money

Cote Mad Money 1-30-14

CNBC’s Mad Money welcomed Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote on January 29 to discuss Honeywell’s strong financial results for 2013 and how Honeywell will continue to win in a slow-growth environment.

Cote and Mad Money host Jim Cramer discussed Honeywell’s strong 2013 results, including 5 percent organic sales growth and EPS higher than analyst estimates, as well as the company’s great position in the turbo and aerospace segments.

“The aerospace industry is one that I’m very bullish on, generally,” Cote said. “We’ve tried to position ourselves within macro trends, stuff that over decades I look at and think, ‘this is likely to keep moving in this direction.’ I just don’t see a future where planes aren’t a bigger and bigger piece of the overall pie. As the world becomes more wealthy, especially on GDP per capita, families become more dispersed, businesses more global, people are going to travel.”

Watch the video.

Rob Ferris
Corporate and Financial Media Relations