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Honeywell Delivers Critical Information During Deep Freeze


Within the last week, snow storms and a massive deep freeze covering most of the country has caused schools, businesses and government agencies to delay openings or close completely. Honeywell Instant Alert® delivered more than 4.2 million alerts, warning individuals of inclement conditions and notifying them of schedule changes during the course of the record-setting weather. On Jan. 2, 2014 alone, organizations across the U.S. sent 1.4 million Instant Alerts – messages that touched a group greater than the population of New York City.

“It was really helpful knowing I am able to quickly reach all of our families and staff with weather-related information – ultimately keeping students, staff and families safe,” said Superintendent Scott Monson for Morris Area Schools in Morris, Minn.

Instant Alert is designed to broadcast critical information via voice, text and email to any device — phone, cell phone and computers. The software as a service sends customized alerts that allow schools to contact parents, employers to contact staff and cities to contact residents wherever they are.

For more information, visit the Honeywell Instant Alert website.

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