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Science of War: GMAV | Defense & Space | Honeywell

The gas micro air vehicle (GMAV) is a camera-equipped, unmanned aerial vehicle, unique in its ability to hover and move in all directions. In this video, Sgt. Blake Meyers of the 56th Stryker Brigade compares the GMAV with the Raven and describes what it's like to fly the GMAV.

What you’re seeing is the gas micro air vehicle, or GMAV. It’s a camera equipped unmanned air vehicle unique in its ability to hover and move in all directions like a helicopter. Sargent Blake Meyers with company B, first battalion, 112 Infantry Regiment, 6 Striker Brigade is a raving new AV pilot who also flies a GMAV and offers a comparison between the 2 systems.

GMAVs used by the Striker soldiers in Irak are all prototypes. Kevin Bogart, a field service engineer with the Honeywell Corporation, the company that develop the GMAV, says they’ve learned a lot from having soldiers use the systems in Irak.

Sargent Myers describes what it’s like to pilot what media has termed “a flying beer keg”: It’s pretty much the best thing next to flying a helicopter.

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