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First Police Officer Saved by Next-Generation Spectra Shield® Material

ABA Xtreme FX01_vest

The Philadelphia Police Department recorded the first officer whose life has been saved by Honeywell’s next-generation Spectra Shield® material, which incorporates stronger, lighter Spectra® fiber. The officer was wearing Safariland’s FX Level II vest, which contains more than 80 percent Spectra Shield® as its ballistic material, when he was shot in his chest while in the line of duty.

Safariland, a Honeywell customer, manufactures armor for law enforcement personnel. Honeywell ballistic materials have been used in law enforcement armor in the U.S. for more than 20 years. Officers of the Philadelphia Police Department began wearing the new vests containing next-generation Honeywell materials last year.

“Advances in Spectra fiber and our Shield technology allow us to work with customers like Safariland to develop stronger, lighter bullet-resistant gear for the men and women who put their lives at risk to protect our country every day,” said Steve Brouillard, senior account manager for Honeywell’s Specialty Products’ Advanced Fibers and Composites segment. “It is always our hope that officers do not find themselves in dangerous situations, but we are committed to continually developing next-generation materials to provide the best protection we can when they need it.”

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