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Nobel Laureate Inspires Students At CETYS University

HISE 2014

Honeywell Hometown Solutions brought Nobel Laureate Eric A. Cornell to Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior (CETYS) University, Mexicali, for a two-day program of inspirational exchanges with students and faculty.

During his visit, Cornell shared experiences of his long and distinguished scientific career, including his discovery of a new state of matter called Bose-Einstein Condensate, which has allowed scientists to study the properties of atoms in a suspended state. This discovery has, for example, allowed scientists to slow the speed of light traveling through a Bose-Einstein Condensate, opening the way to new types of light-based telecommunications, optical storage of data, and quantum computing. Cornell also offered students advice on following a career path that truly interests them, as success often happens unexpectedly.

Organized by Honeywell Hometown Solutions through its Honeywell Initiative for Science & Engineering (HISE), the visit aims to cultivate and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and provide an opportunity for students to interact with laureates as well as technology leaders from Honeywell.

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