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Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) - at the Center of Liverpool ONE

A single integrated network controls Liverpool ONE -- the largest urban regeneration to date in the UK. When Liverpool ONE management looked for a consultant to integrate all of the area's building management and access control systems, they discovered that Honeywell is the only company who could not only talk about integrated network solutions -- but show them working examples. The 42 acre site was built around the existing streets of Liverpool. The massive redevelopment area opened in 2008. Liverpool ONE has over 140 retail stores, a 14-screen cinema, 36-hole adventure golf centre, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, apartments and offices.

In 2013 Honeywell designed, installed and commissioned a major system upgrade The development uses enterprise building integrator (EBI). Now building operators can control and see all building systems using mobile devices -- without being tied to an office on a desktop computer.

The results? Significantly lower carbon emissions and higher productivity across the development.