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Survey Reveals Room for Improvement on Fire Safety Awareness in Romania


Twenty-seven percent of urban residents in Romania have ignored a fire alarm in a public place, assuming it was a false alarm or a test. A recent Honeywell survey highlighted important gaps in public safety awareness and behavior in Bucharest and other urban areas.

Nearly 90 percent of survey respondents indicated a voice alarm message that provides clear instructions to leave the building, instead of a fire alarm siren only, would spur them to evacuate the building more rapidly. Advanced Public Address/Voice Alarm (PA/VA) systems can provide effective emergency communications and help make evacuation more efficient by giving clear instructions that people respond to more quickly and naturally than a tone alarm.

Honeywell Life Safety offers a full range of solutions including Public Address/Voice Alarm systems, Fire Detection Systems, and Hazard Management Software, which permits the monitoring of multiple fire systems from a single user interface. The company also collaborates with government agencies, technical experts, and industry associations on fire safety issues, and works with students from Bucharest Technical University of Civil Engineering to provide specialized training on Life Safety technology.

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