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Honeywell Bluetooth Smart Air Purifier Auto-Adjusts to Local Pollen Counts

The new Honeywell Bluetooth® Smart True HEPA Allergen Remover is the first air purifier utilizing Bluetooth® technology to track local pollen counts via a free mobile app and auto-adjusts its cleaning levels accordingly. This technology enables automatic air cleaning operation according to allergen levels in a specific zip code. Never before has this level of air quality customization opportunity existed.

The new air purifier and the free companion app contain unique functionality, as well as personal customization and control. Additional features include allergen alert settings, a proximity sensor that will automatically turn the unit on and off when the connected mobile device enters or leaves the Bluetooth® range, custom operation schedules so the unit will operate only when you want it to, and filter change reminders that include a quick web link for replacement filter purchases.

The companion mobile app is compatible with more recent Apple® iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and Android™ devices. Click here to purchase.

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