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Honeywell Executives on CNBC to Celebrate Business Centennials

CNBC Closing Bell

Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote appeared on CNBC’s Closing Bell with Honeywell Aerospace CEO Tim Mahoney and Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies CEO Darius Adamczyk to celebrate the centennial anniversary of both businesses. During an interview with hosts Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth, Cote, Mahoney and Adamczyk discussed the synergy between Aerospace and UOP, Honeywell’s Green Jet Fuel, and the rapid innovation within the aerospace industry.

Adamczyk explained that jatropha and camolina plants (seen on stage) become energy efficient biofuels. “We use our license refining process to convert it to real diesel and real jet fuel rather than an additive. That’s what makes our processes pretty special.”

“At the end of the day what you find with a lot of renewals that people use, it's extremely corrosive to pipelines, engines, and dispensing devices,” Cote said. “What these guys have been able to do is develop a literally drop-in replacement. You can have a quarter tank of diesel fuel from petro and you can put in three-quarters of a tank of camolina or jatropha fuel and it runs just fine. No problems.”

Mahoney discussed the cutting edge technology in the marketplace and where Honeywell stands to compete. “Technological differentiation has been the mantra within Honeywell as long as aerospace has been here,” he explained. “We continued to innovate for the last hundred years. Innovation will accelerate. I think there will be more innovation in the next 25 years than there was in the first hundred years. Certainly we have the incredible amount of capability and capacity and talent within our organization to do that.”

Click here to watch a clip of the CNBC interview.

Rob Ferris
Corporate and Financial Media Relations