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Honeywell Introduces New Aegis® Nylon Resin For Protecting Cables And Electrical Wiring


Honeywell Resins and Chemicals has introduced a new Aegis® nylon resin designed to protect cables and electrical wiring used in industrial and consumer products.

The new resin, Aegis H55WC, is designed to shield wires and cables from physical and chemical damage that can cause them to fail during installation or shorten their service life. It provides excellent protection from grease, oil and gas, and resists impact, abrasion and cuts. It is certified by Underwriters Laboratories for use in a variety of demanding applications, including residential and commercial buildings, machine tools, automobiles, appliances, offshore oil platforms and marine equipment.

Aegis H55WC also helps wire and cable manufacturers improve the electrical efficiency of their products. Because nylon is thinner than other insulating materials, more strands of conductive metal can fit inside the insulation without increasing the overall size of the wire or cable.

Read the press release for more information.

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