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Eighty Percent of Chinese Drivers Seek Improved Fuel Economy For Next Vehicle

Survey-Turbocharging Appeals to Chinese Drivers2

Results of an online survey conducted by Honeywell Turbo Technologies in China reveal only one-third of respondents are satisfied with their current vehicle’s fuel economy, and an overwhelming 80 percent seek fuel economy savings of at least 10 percent to be satisfied with their next vehicle purchase. Click to watch a video about the appeal of turbocharging to Chinese drivers.

“The Chinese market continues to grow more sophisticated as increasing demand for fuel economy is coupled with consumers’ appreciation for smaller cars with advanced technology,” said David Paja, Honeywell Transportation Systems’ vice president and general manager, China and India. “Honeywell is enabling this trend with the launch of more than 15 passenger vehicle turbocharger applications in the coming 15 months, for both domestic and global auto makers.”

Turbochargers enable a smaller engine to achieve the similar if not improved power outputs of larger naturally aspirated engines while being between 20 to 40 percent more fuel efficient in gasoline and diesel engines respectively. The smaller engine size also makes turbos a technology which can help auto makers meet stricter emissions standards.

Click here to read more results and survey methodology.