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Garrett Driver feature: Formula Drift Driver, Dave Briggs

Garrett by Honeywell is proud to sponsor Formula Drift driver, Dave Briggs and the last remaining SR-powered Nissan in competition! He talks about his experiences with the Garrett GTX line of turbochargers and how a good driver doesn't only concentrate on the peak power, but the broad power band that Garrett Turbochargers can produce.

Dave Briggs, Formula Drift Driver

“Hey I’m Dave Briggs and I drive for Turbo by Garrett in Formula Drift. Right now we’re midway through the 2014 season and something that’s definitely noticeable to me is the horsepower war going on.

Most of the guys out here are nearing the thousand horsepower market and surpassing it. One of the things that’s most important to me – and I think a lot of teams are realizing this now as well – is it’s not just about the peak power number you’re making, it’s about the size of the power band and also the responsiveness of the engine. Especially for me I find that to chase another car you need to have that power on tap, but also have a large power band to be able to mimic whatever the lead driver may be doing.

Turbo by Garrett is definitely at the top of their game right now, I think their product is definitely superior just because of the quality and the technology that they put into their GTX series turbos.

The responsiveness is really unparalleled, my car truly is a testament of that, being one of the only force holders in Formula Drift, but yet being competitive and being able to battle any car any V8, any day and take off from it. I’m definitely proud to be part of the Turbo by Garrett family.”

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