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Honeywell CEO Talks Economy and the Connected Home on Bloomberg TV

Cote on Bloomberg with Lyric

Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote appeared on Bloomberg TV’s Street Smart with host Trish Regan. During the interview, Cote discussed Honeywell’s thoughtful decision to hedge against a decline in the Euro to protect 2015 earnings, his views on global economic growth, and Honeywell’s turnaround story.

Cote also discussed the company’s leadership in the Connected Home space (beginning at 14:20 in the below link) with its recently launched Lyric smart thermostat, providing a demo so viewers can experience the simplicity of the technology.

“We have over 22,000 engineers and of those 22,000 and more than half of them are developing software. That is why I talk so much about math and science education in the U.S., and software capable people. As we start thinking about “connecteds” -- there are all kinds of connecteds: the connected home, the connected worker, the connected building, the connected plane. This whole idea of connections is going to be vastly important. We are at the center of all of this, given our position as a company.”

Click here to watch the clip of the full interview.

Rob Ferris
Corporate and Financial Media Relations