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Honeywell Connected Home Innovation Featured at Dreamforce 2014

Honeywell’s innovation in the connected home was recently featured on the main stage at’s annual software event, Dreamforce. Beth Wozniak, president of Honeywell Environmental and Combustion Controls, shared the stage with Chairman and CEO Mark Benioff to to explain how Honeywell has transformed itself to meet the needs of its connected home customers in new and innovative ways through the Contractor Portal.

In introducing Beth to the stage, Benioff said, “This amazing company continues to reinvent itself over and over again and has become one of the greatest companies that I’ve really ever seen. “

Utilizing’s toolsets, Honeywell has developed a software service that allows homeowners to connect with local contractors that support their home heating and cooling systems to continuously monitor, diagnose and resolve potential issues to save time, costs and headaches. Beth presented this innovative approach, along with a live, on-stage demo of a simulated connected home using Lyric technology, to more than 15,000 event attendees and more than 2 million anticipated online viewers.

Watch Beth and other Honeywell leaders talk about this new way of thinking about customers in this video:

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