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Scientist Edith Flanigen from Honeywell's UOP Receives National Medal of Technology & Innovation

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Edith Flanigen, a leading chemist from Honeywell's UOP , was presented the National Medal of Technology and Innovation today by President Barack Obama in recognition of her achievements in science and technology and her lasting contribution to America’s competitiveness.

“These scholars and innovators have expanded our understanding of the world, made invaluable contributions to their fields, and helped improve countless lives,” President Obama said during the award presentation. “Our nation has been enriched by their achievements, and by all the scientists and technologists across America dedicated to discovery, inquiry, and invention.”

“Edie’s work has benefited humanity through cleaner and safer fuels, improved refining methods and environmentally sound biodegradable detergents, among dozens of other notable inventions, said Dr. Rajeev Gautam, president and CEO of Honeywell's UOP. “We could not be more proud of her for this recognition of her lifelong record of contributions to chemical science.”

Flanigen began her career at Union Carbide in 1952 ' at a time when there were few women in chemistry ' working on the purification and extraction of silicone polymers. Four years later, she began her work on synthetically manufactured molecular sieves, more commonly known as zeolites, that are used for the separation and purification of complex chemical mixtures and for enhancing chemical reactions in oil and petrochemical refining. She joined UOP following the merger of a Union Carbide division with the company in 1988. During her 42-year career, she invented more than 200 different synthetic materials, authored more than three dozen publications, and earned 109 patents. She retired in 1994, and has remained active with UOP as a consultant since that time.

Honeywell’s UOP, a leader in developing advanced technologies for the global oil and gas industry, also received the award in 2003.

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