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Honeywell's Major Win Against Scanner Counterfeiters In China


Honeywell announced a win to combat counterfeit products in Kaiping, Guangdong province, China. By working with the local Public Security Bureau, the owner of an underground operation accused of making and selling counterfeit Honeywell 7120 Scanners has been detained for further interrogation. This is another important victory for Honeywell in protecting its intellectual property rights and trademark, and the company’s determination to protect the interests of its consumers.

The alleged counterfeiting operation in question is accused of assembling fake barcode scanners under the Honeywell brand, and selling them online through The success of the recent crackdown has effectively put a stop to the operation and sends a powerful message to other potential counterfeiters.

The Honeywell 7120 Scanner is one of the best-selling products in Honeywell Scanning & Mobility’s portfolio. Its design has received the American IDEA award as well as various other international awards. Due to its innovative design and superior performance, the 7120 Scanner has become a leading platform with global sales exceeding 1 million units – 500,000 of which were sold in China.

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