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New Honeywell Air Purifier Debuts At 2014 China International Industry Fair

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Honeywell will attend the 2014 China International Industry Fair (CIIF) to demonstrate the company’s portfolio of innovative, safe and environmentally friendly products for air, water and personal protection. Honeywell is committed to working with Chinese businesses to tackle the major environmental challenges that China faces in its ongoing industrialization and urbanization, while boosting the country’s sustainable development.

At CIIF, Honeywell will launch its new full-function commercial air purifier, which has a strong capacity to curb indoor air pollution. With four layers of filtration, the product can significantly improve air cleansing up to almost twice as much as other purifiers in the marketplace*. It has proven to be very effective in ensuring cleaner air in an indoor space of 150 square meters, and declared to be the first and only one of its kind in China, with the ability to remove air-borne particles, bacteria, and various poisonous gases such as formaldehyde all at the same time.

“In China, we are committed to our “East for East” strategy and to leveraging our global leadership in technology and innovation to support the Chinese customers’ and the country’s specific needs in creating more energy efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly products and solutions,” said Stephen Shang, President and CEO, Honeywell China. “Over the past a decade, we have been dedicated to developing industry leading R&D capability on the local level, and speeding up operations to develop local innovations to help China cope with environmental challenges. For Honeywell, air and water-related products will be at heart of R&D and innovation in China in the future.”

*According to the third-party testing data from Shanghai Quality Supervision and Inspection Bureau for Environmental Protection Products, and the China National Center of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing for Air Conditional Equipment

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