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Honeywell Joins in Cheering Success of Orion First Flight Test


‚ÄãAs a mission partner for NASA’s Orion spacecraft program, Honeywell is among those cheering the success of the successful first flight test today, Dec. 5.

Honeywell Aerospace designed and developed Orion’s command and data handling hardware, navigation systems and core operating software. These systems work together for Orion’s overall flight management, building on Honeywell’s existing technology developed for commercial aircraft.

Current NASA plans call for Orion to send astronauts beyond Earth’s orbit in 2021, followed by a trip to an asteroid by the mid-2020s, and on to Mars and its moons in the 2030s. The 2021 manned mission will be the first time astronauts have left Earth’s orbit in nearly 50 years; the last time was the Apollo 17 moon shot in 1972.

Contributing to the Orion program is just the latest in Honeywell’s longtime involvement in space exploration programs. Aerospace has the distinction of being one of the few U.S. companies that has been part of every NASA manned-space mission.

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