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CO Gas Detectors Save Lives | Safety & Security | Honeywell

On August 29, 2014 two Long Island, NY EMTs walked into a restaurant wearing their Honeywell personal CO detectors and detected a leak of the deadly gas. More than 100 lives were saved.

Honeywell personal gas detectors are used by first responders to keep them safe and secure in all situations.

Kyle Page, EMT: My name is Kyle Page, I'm an EMT with the Comack Volunteering Ambulance Core and I've been EMT for 2 years.

Justin Gau, EMT: You never know what's gonna happen any second of the day, anything could happen, and we train for the worst.

For example one night, Justin and I were going to a local food establishment for dinner before shift started and upon arrival we walked in with our radio strap which has our personal CO meter on it, and upon entering the building our meter starting going off.

Justin: I'm like &endash; maybe this is a little too hard to believe, so I go outside and reset it and sure enough walk back inside and it's going off at about 60-65 points per million.

Kyle: So CO is a serious issue because you can't taste it, smell it, see it, so you don't know it's around you.

Justin: Me and Kyle walked into the back at the manager's offices and the kitchen are, we advised what's going on and said we have to start evacuating the building.

Kyle: We realized that was a life and death situation &endash; these detectors are life savers, they help make sure we keep ourselves safe and everyone around us.

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