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Copper Mountain Ski Resort Lifts Operations with Honeywell Scanning Technology

Michael Hurwitch has a pretty cool job, but it isn’t an easy one. He’s the IT director at Copper Mountain, a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains that boasts more than 2,500 acres of ski terrain and hosts more than 14,000 guests a day during peak ski season.

Of course, Hurwitch isn’t spending his days entirely on the slopes. With each skier at Copper Mountain averaging 10 lift rides per day (more than 140,000 rides total), the resort requires speedy, accurate scanners at its lifts, as well as in its rental locations and retail stores, to quickly scan tickets, equipment and purchased items. Scanners are critical to ensure Copper Mountain’s operations run smoothly and efficiently. Last winter, Copper Mountain made a change to a family of cutting-edge ruggedized scanners from Honeywell's Intermec that the staff believed would enable the resort to increase its operational efficiency as well as its customer service.

Hear directly from Michael and other Copper Mountain staff on how their new scanners have improved the way they do business and their customer experience.

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The new scanners from Honeywell Scanning & Mobility improved accuracy, efficiency and usability for the Copper Mountain staff by reducing equipment weight, increasing battery life, improving durability in the elements.

Imagine administering about 10,000 scans a day on average. With such repetitive motion, the device’s weight is a big factor. The Honeywell mobile computer Copper Mountain now uses weighs only 450g, less than half of the previous scanning device (970g) it was using.

Battery life is also critical. In the past, Copper Mountain staff members were changing scanner batteries two or more times a day. The new scanners run all day long after being charged, enabling continuous use and speedier operations.

And then there’s the cold and snow. Copper Mountain’s new scanners work at an elevation of 10,000 feet and during inclement weather – they’d even work after being submerged in one meter of water. This means they keep working despite the possible temperature range of 45 degrees to minus 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and even after lift operators set them down in the snow while cleaning lift entryways.

Finally, staff have to deal with damage to the equipment itself. Rented skis, poles and boots take a lot of punishment, and barcodes get scratched. To solve this, Copper Mountain deployed a scanner with 2D imager that captures barcodes immediately (two to three times faster than previous devices) in its rental and retail locations. The technology can read barely recognizable barcodes that have been roughed up in snow, ice and rocky terrain. In addition to increasing checkout time, this allows employees to effectively track resort inventories and account for all assets.

People often don’t think about the mobile devices in their lives, with the exception of cell phones and tablets. But if you spent your vacation standing in a cold, long line and found out that faulty or slow lift ticket scanning equipment was the cause, you’d likely go somewhere else to ski. That’s the type of problem Honeywell Scanning & Mobility sees and solves for managers in hospitality and retail before it becomes an issue.

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