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Honeywell's Lyric Family Expands to Include Home Security

The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held this month in Las Vegas and much of the buzz coming out of this year's show focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how the industry is seeing a shift to IoT that goes beyond just a convenience factor to something that has a significant impact on consumers' lives. The connected home has been present at CES for years, but in 2015 it was correctly predicted to have a bigger spotlight as the industry of smart-home devices grows to meet consumer desires.

At CES for the first time, Honeywell provided attendees with a preview of the latest member of the Lyric' family: its professional-grade home security system. Featuring awareness cameras, motion, smoke and intruder detectors, Lyric home security will also integrate with a range of home automation products, such as connected thermostats, lighting, shades and lock controls.

Honeywell's Lyric Family Expands to Include Home Security

In addition to a sleek touchscreen controller, Lyric home security will respond to voice commands based on personalized pre-sets such as “Hello Lyric” or “Turn the lights off, Lyric.” This capability proved to be popular among attendees on the show floor.

Lyric home security is the second product in the Lyric family, joining the thermostat which was launched in 2014. Using your smartphone location, the Lyric thermostat knows when you leave and when you're heading home and can adjust the temperature accordingly, delivering comfort while you're home and savings while you're away. In fact, the Lyric thermostat was named “favorite gadget” at CES in a reader poll conducted by TIME Magazine.

With its partners across the home, technology, and utilities industries, Honeywell and its Lyric products will bring multiple scenarios to life so that homes can evolve together with, rather than separate from, today's consumers, including:

  • Adjusting the temperature automatically, based on when you leave or arrive home
  • Keeping an eye on what is happening outside in the backyard and around the house;
  • Using just a few words to lock up and turn off the lights before heading to sleep;
  • Quickly connecting with professionals you trust when help is needed; and
  • Having the devices in your home simply work in tune with how you and your family live.

For more information, visit, follow @Honeywell_Home and @HoneywellSec on Twitter and connect with Honeywell Home on Facebook.

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