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Two Years After Nightclub Fire, Survey Finds Brazilians Still Concerned About Fire Safety

Nearly two years have passed since a fire at a crowded nightclub killed more than 230 people in Santa Maria, Brazil. Yet nearly three out of four Brazilians say fire protection in public facilities is still inadequate, according to a survey conducted by KRC Research.

The survey reveals that:

  • More than half (61%) of Brazilian adults are concerned about the threat to their personal safety from fires in public locations, and more than one in three (36%) are very concerned.
  • More adults are concerned about facing a fire in a public place (67%) than in their own homes (57%).
  • While awareness of fire disasters is heightened, most feel less safe today in nightclubs (92%), office buildings (89%), and shopping malls and restaurants (82%) than before the KISS nightclub tragedy.
  • Most Brazilians (67%) haven’t taken part in a workplace fire drill within the past year.

The survey also reveals that a majority would welcome more fire safety education and say the government should do more. In fact, 92 percent of those surveyed say the government has the responsibility to guarantee adequate fire security in public places, and 72 percent say more legislation is needed to help achieve greater safety levels.

“The voice of the Brazilian people is loud and clear,” said Brazil Congressman Paulo Pimenta, head of a congressional commission seeking to improve fire safety in public buildings. “Two years after the Kiss Club tragedy, our citizens are demanding action from their government.”

Two Years After Nightclub Fire, Survey Finds Brazilians Still Concerned About Fire Safety

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