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New Honeywell's UOP Oleflex™ Process Unit in China Producing 450,000 MTA of Propylene

Propylene Infographic-FINALChina's Zhejiang Shaoxing Sanjin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has started-up a facility that will produce 450,000 metric tons of propylene annually using C3 Oleflex Technology from Honeywell's UOP. The facility, the second of its kind in China, will convert propane to propylene, a key ingredient in plastics. The start-up , increases global production capacity of on-purpose propylene from UOP technology to approximately 3.8 million metric tons annually (MTA).

Traditionally, propylene is a byproduct of certain refining processes, but those processes no longer produce enough propylene to meet rising global demand. This propylene shortage has sparked investment in technology to create propylene from propane, also known as on-purpose propylene. Since 2011, UOP has licensed the C3 Oleflex process to more than a dozen producers to meet rising demand, with a majority of licensed capacity in China. China is the world's largest energy consumer and its propylene consumption accounts for more than 15 percent of worldwide demand, which is growing at about 5 to 6 percent per year.

“By 2020, 20 percent of the world's propylene production is expected to come from on-purpose propylene production technologies, and UOP is proud to be leading the development of this essential petrochemical with our Oleflex technology,” said Pete Piotrowski, senior vice president and general manager of UOP's Process Technology and Equipment business. “For more than 20 years, the Oleflex process has been a reliable, independent source of high-quality propylene and we look forward to helping increase its availability in China and around the world.”

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