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Survey: UK Consumers Expect Quick and Convenient Delivery From Retailers

Whether you forgot your friend's birthday, need supplies urgently for tomorrow's meeting, or just can't wait another day to get the latest new gadget, we all sometimes need fast delivery options. A survey conducted in the UK by Ipsos Research on behalf of Honeywell found that consumers today expect retailers to provide more convenient delivery options to accommodate their busy schedules. In fact, a three-hour delivery window is now the standard expectation for the majority of UK shoppers.

The survey of 800 adults found:

  • Almost all consumers (99%) expected a delivery to arrive within one week of ordering.
  • The majority of respondents (53%) now expect the estimated time of delivery to be precise within three hours or less.
  • Four in ten consumers (40%) said they would be willing to pay extra for the “perfect delivery,” in which they designate exactly where and when their parcel will be delivered.

The message for retailers is clear: Companies that are unwilling to adhere to consumers’ demands will face the consequences, with almost half (48%) of UK shoppers admitting that they have abandoned their online shopping baskets because of poor delivery options.

Package Scanner 3x2Honeywell Scanning & Mobility provides technology solutions to support accurate and reliable fixed-time delivery. We enable retailers to work closely with couriers through all aspects of the sales process, from the moment the item leaves the warehouse to transportation and logistics and final delivery, to ensure a positive shopping experience.

The survey also showed that the majority of customers (57%) find current delivery options offered by retailers to be unsatisfactory, and more than half of respondents (51%) say it is often the case that “the parcel delivery reaches their home address when they are not at home and/or misses the appointment time.”

In addition, the vast majority (91%) of consumers check delivery options prior to check out, which shows the need for businesses to provide shoppers with convenient delivery options or risk being left behind as online shopping takes increasing precedence in the lives of consumers.

“Firms need to be able to keep up with the 24/7 convenience of the online model or risk losing business to those that do. This is why innovative technology is going to play an even bigger role in the future of e-commerce.”

Mike Leyland, CIO, Hermes Europe and UK

While technology has allowed us to get things faster and have a more accurate idea of when our items will arrive, it has also conditioned us to expect a faster delivery. Retailers risk being left behind if they can’t meet expectations.

Read the full study.

To learn more about how Honeywell is making the supply chain even more efficient, visit the HSM website.

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