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Honeywell Announces New Greenhouse Gas Emissions Goal

Today, U.S. President Barack Obama signed an executive order to cut the federal government’s greenhouse gas emissions 40% over the next decade from 2008 levels, a commitment to lead by example to curb the emissions that are driving climate change. According to the White House, the cuts will save taxpayers up to $18 billion in avoided energy costs and increase the share of electricity the Federal Government consumes from renewable sources to 30%.

As a sign of support of this effort, Honeywell has also announced its third public goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an additional 10% throughout its business operations by 2019. Honeywell has already achieved its first public goal to reduce greenhouse gases by more than 30% from a 2004 baseline in 2011, and then it achieved an additional 15% per dollar of revenue reduction from 2011 levels in 2014, three years earlier than originally planned.

“Nothing is more important than ensuring a clean, safe, and healthy environment for our families, colleagues, neighbors, and communities,” said Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote. “That’s why Honeywell integrates health, safety, and environmental protections into everything we do. We already have exceeded two public goals to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and are committed to reducing GHGs by an additional 10 percent by 2019.”

With nearly 50% of its portfolio dedicated to energy solutions, Honeywell is a global leader in energy efficiency and clean energy generation. Our innovations include programmable thermostats, energy management systems, world class turbocharger solutions, green fuels, industrial controls, lighter aircraft components, and advanced materials and process technologies that reduce emissions, improve operational efficiency, and enable production of cleaner fuels.

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