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Honeywell, Inmarsat and Kymeta Collaborate on Faster Global Broadband Services for Aircraft

Honeywell, Inmarsat and Kymeta, a company that develops innovative flat-panel antennas for satellite communications, are working together to create a new, higher-speed Ka-Band wireless antenna with unique and advanced capabilities that will bring faster connectivity and a quality broadband service to business and commercial aircraft customers around the globe. The smaller and more compact design will allow the antenna to be installed on a wider variety of aircraft, including smaller business aviation aircraft. The flat-panel design is lighter and will reduce weight and drag on the aircraft, in turn reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

“Honeywell's work with Inmarsat on GX Aviation is at the forefront of bringing high-speed, global connectivity services to airlines and operators,” said Jack Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management at Honeywell Aerospace. “Having Kymeta aligned with us and Inmarsat ensures we stay forward-looking with new antenna technology that will be more efficient and compact, providing customers with the fastest global connectivity possible.”

Kymeta mTenna product front view 2All three companies will work together to bring this new, faster, lightweight antenna to the business and commercial aviation market. Kymeta will deliver its mTenna' antenna products to Honeywell, which will be responsible for testing and integrating the antenna into its JetWave aviation product line, the hardware that exclusively supports Inmarsat's GX Aviation service.

“Honeywell and Inmarsat changed the connectivity landscape in 2012 when they announced GX Aviation with the goal of bringing reliable, high-speed connectivity to the skies,” said Dr. Nathan Kundtz, Kymeta's President and Chief Executive Officer. “Now, with mTenna technology from Kymeta, Honeywell's terminal solutions, and Inmarsat's global service portfolio, we will be able to expand upon Honeywell and Inmarsat's commitment to high-speed global aviation connectivity.”

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