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SSE Hydro Arena: A Smart Building Delivers Substantial Savings

Honeywell Building Solutions' Web-enabled technology integrates HVAC, lighting, life safety, security, energy management and IT, ensuring efficient and effective facility management.

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Scotland's SSE Hydro in Glasgow &endash; it only opened in 2013 but is already an iconic building, and one of the country's most popular live entertainment venues.

Robin Ross, reporter: When there's entertainment, this place is packed with 13,000 people, but at the moment is very quiet. There's just a hundred people in the building setting off for a concert tonight.

Fortunately the SSE Hydro is a connected smart building, so it can readjust its heating and security to cope with these extreme changes. It uses the latest technology from Honeywell Building Solutions to connect everything you need it to run your operations smoothly, and it's all controlled from this one room.

Malcolm Close &endash; Director of Operations, SECC and SSE Hydro

“With thousands of people in the building, their safety and security is of absolute importance to us, so if anything goes wrong, we need quick response, and to be able to do that from a single platform is really, really useful to us.

To further enhance the user experience, Honeywell has developed the Command Wall, a leading edge solution that's changing the way building automation is done.

By responding to the immediate of connected buildings, people and processes.”

Matthew Eastwood, UK Managing Director, Honeywell

“The smart buildings market is a rapidly growing market, currently about a half billion dollars around the world and we're expected to see that now grow to over twenty billion dollars by 2020.”

One of the main forces driving the market is rising energy prices. Connected smart buildings reduced the amount of energy use by up to 30% (in money terms, that's a 5% increase in income).

For building designers, consultants and contractors having this one integrated platform reduces costs as few as subcontractors are involved.