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Bhubaneswar's "Smart Safety" City Surveillance Project Powered by Honeywell Technologies

The state of Odisha: Located on the east coast of India, Odisha is known for its beaches and ancient temples. To better secure both visitors and residents, Odisha has turned to camera and video technology. Working with Honeywell Building Solutions, Odisha developed a city-wide camera and video system to help boost security, prevent crime, and control traffic for visitors and more than 800,000 residents of the state’s capital city of Bhubaneswar. To be certain, Bhubaneswar is not alone in its effort to use technology to be a smarter city. The smart city industry is expected to be worth $1.5 trillion by 2020. The key areas of a smart city, as defined by the Smart Cities Council, are: buildings, energy, telecommunications, payments, transportation, human services, infrastructure (including water and wastewater management), and public safety. Frost & Sullivan considers eight similar areas - excluding payments and public safety, but adding governance and healthcare. A city is considered smart if it adopts at least five out of these eight.

Source Frost and SullivanThe Project: Even if there is no universally accepted definition of a smart city, it is generally understood as being a city that utilizes its resources and energy in an efficient way, offers integrated public services, and has an advanced infrastructure - all powered by digital technologies. Across the globe, the definition of a smart city might focus on specific areas that are relevant in that particular geography. As more and more people move to cities - urban populations will expand to 66 percent of the world’s entire population by 2050 - connectivity, energy, and safety will all be priorities. And there will be an increasing demand for technology that helps city leaders reduce costs and resource consumption while increasing safety.

Bhubaneswar’s new set-up of cameras and videos includes integrated closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV), automatic number plate reading cameras (ANPR), and a command and control center. In the first phase of the project, a total of 114 CCTV cameras has been installed at 28 strategic locations in the city, including high-traffic junctions. When completed, the entire project will include more than 350 CCTV cameras installed at 90 locations - all of which can be operated from one control room with a video wall interface. Cameras and DVRs have also been installed on police vehicles. The system can alert operators in the control room to a variety of security issues, such as people loitering in high-security areas and the presence of objects abandoned in particular places for more than five minutes. Soon after receiving the alerts, the control room operators can alert local police, who can quickly respond. In addition, advanced video analytics will review the camera feeds and alert police about traffic violations and abandoned vehicles. A pilot project to detect violation of traffic rules has been implemented at one crossing and will be expanded to other locations next year.

“This city surveillance project is a first of its kind for Honeywell globally, and one of the most advanced and comprehensive technology solutions deployed in any city in India. It provides a nerve-center to the city administration and police department. The escalation matrix of the command-and-control center can be programmed to detect traffic violations, unattended baggage, or for automatic number plate recognition. The pan–tilt–zoom cameras provide massive range, and vehicle mounted cameras provide wider access. The system can also be set to provide an automatic email or mobile alert if a threat is detected. Depending on how comprehensively the system is used, it can significantly improve overall city security,” said Priyanshu Singh, Regional General Manager, Honeywell Building Solutions, India.

The Inauguration: Speaking at the inauguration of the project, Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha, said, “I am glad to inaugurate the much awaited CCTV surveillance system in the city. I understand that such a surveillance system is one of its kinds in the entire state, and has been successful in bringing about the collaboration of the best tools of technology to aid day-to-day policing.” Odisha’s new system helps it forge a path toward a new era in smart cities: encouraging its police force to reimagine the way it uses technology and further refine how first responders deliver services that enhance safety and security.

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