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Dave Cote Interviews with CNBC-TV18 - Honeywell Bullish on India, China

CNBC-TV18 aired its top business feature “The Appointment” where Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote was interviewed by Shereen Bhan, Managing Editor of India’s leading business channel, and a highly awarded journalist and business historian. The Appointment, anchored by Shereen Bhan, interviews global and Indian CXOs and industry leaders, as well as key government and political leaders.

In the 22-minute exclusive feature that aired primetime on May 6, and repeated over the weekend, Cote and Shereen talk about Honeywell’s positive outlook for India in the context of the new government and its economic and policy reform agenda. The interview draws comparisons between India and China, where India is seen to be taking steps in the right direction much like China did 20 years back, and highlights that, if continued consistently, these steps could deliver spectacular and sustained growth for India.

“Thirteen years ago when I came to Honeywell, our sales in India and our sales in China were about the same. Today China is the second biggest country for sales for all of Honeywell - the biggest country outside of the U.S. - because, during that period of time, the China economy and the changes that they were driving in ease of doing business. India did not. India is now starting to do that, and that is one of the reasons I am so enthused about where things can go. I have 13,000 people here. We already have a terrific presence. If the economy can grow at the rate that I think it can, with the kind of changes that the government is looking at making, this could be spectacular. Absolutely spectacular. But that pace of change needs to continue.”

Watch the two-part interview here:

Part 2:

Rob Ferris
Corporate and Financial Media Relations