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Honeywell Boosts Key Chinese Gasoline Launches | Vehicles | Honeywell

As gasoline turbocharging in China grows at a faster pace than the general automotive market, Honeywell gasoline turbo technologies are boosting an impressive line-up of new gasoline vehicles at the 2015 Auto Shanghai. Here are some prime examples of flagship launches.

Honeywell is the leading automotive turbocharger provider supplying technology solutions to nearly every major automaker and truck manufacturer in the world. Honeywell's innovative turbo technologies for gasoline and diesel applications enhance vehicle performance, efficiency and driveability and cover the widest range of engine sizes. In addition, Honeywell automotive offerings include refrigerants as well as sensors, switches and controls. In this channel, we will post the latest videos on new Honeywell technologies, new launches and new trends in the automotive industry.

As more gasoline turbocharged vehicles are competing for the attention of Chinese car buyers, Honeywell turbochargers are covering key engine segments that pack more power in a smaller package.

On the extreme engine downsize front and 1.2 T engine pushes the envelope. Boosted by Honeywell, the 1.2 T engine delivers impressive power and torque, and is slated to launch on Pujo on 408 and 308S. The all-new Buick Excel 1.4T is another example of OEMs using turbocharging to offer the no-compromise solution. Compared with the same model, 1.5L non turbocharged version, the 1.4T engine delivers 25% more horsepower and 40% more torque, with similar fuel economy figures.

In the SUV category the cherry Tiggo with a 2 liter engine is a major best seller for the company in 2014. The Honeywell boosted 1.5T version represents a welcomed edition, delivering 10% more power in a smaller package.

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