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Honeywell Plans Turbo Future in China; More than 50 Vehicles Highlighted at Auto Shanghai 2015

Shanghai Auto Show BannerWith more than 20 million passenger car sales in 2014, China continues as the top automotive market in the world. Auto makers are launching more and more vehicles with Honeywell turbochargers, as evidenced by the more than 50 models shown at Auto Shanghai 2015 available for sale in China with Honeywell turbo technology.

Honeywell turbochargers are a no-compromise solution enabling engine downsizing and helping auto makers achieve, 20 to 40 percent more fuel efficiency than the larger, naturally-aspirated engines they replace. By using less fuel, the smaller turbocharged engines produce fewer harmful emissions, while enhancing horsepower and acceleration for improved drivability. The proliferation of turbocharged engines covering different sizes reflects this downsizing trend. These attributes have made the technology an attractive choice for manufacturers aiming to deliver high performance vehicles to Chinese consumers while meeting more stringent 2020 fuel economy standards. The 2020 standards require passenger cars to reach an average fuel consumption of 5.0 liters/100 km (47 mpg).

By 2019, turbo penetration in China is expected to double reflecting 43 percent of annual vehicle sales, up from 26 percent currently.

DSC_9215New Turbo Academy Trains Industry Engineers on Turbo Applications

Also at the show, Honeywell Transportation Systems President and CEO Terrence Hahn announced the company's vision for the Honeywell Turbo Academy to provide training for industry engineers and designers interested in turbocharger applications beginning in May. Based at the Honeywell Transportation Systems campus in Shanghai, the Honeywell Turbo Academy will provide tailored lesson plans to groups of top automotive engineers from across the industry including commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. The Honeywell Academy has created a textbook to be used for on-site instruction and distribution to select industry partners.

“Our auto manufacturer customers in China have told us they value our technology and want to know how to optimize their designs to take advantage of what turbos can do for their engines,” Hahn said “The Honeywell Turbo Academy represents a partnership with our customers to advance the industry and drive greater benefits to the end consumer.”