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Honeywell Recognized as Highest Producing Demand Response Vendor

Honeywell has been recognized by Southern California Edison (SCE) as the utility’s highest producing Automated Demand Response (ADR) vendor for 2014.

ADR is a proven strategy for utilities to collaborate with their customers to manage when and how much energy is consumed. Rather than trying to balance the electrical grid by dialing generators up — and potentially overtaxing the system — companies can trim energy use by an incremental amount. This temporary shift is not significant enough to impact business operations, but can collectively alleviate the burden on the grid when consumption spikes.

Throughout 2014, Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions implemented 11 ADR projects that were tested and verified by SCE to be able to shed almost 14 megawatts (MW) of load when the utility trims demand to help improve energy reliability. Additionally, the MW reduction resulted in almost $3 million of incentives for ADR-enabling technology from SCE for participating businesses.

The work is part of a Department of Energy-sponsored program that started in 2009. In total, there are now 300 sites participating in the program with a total potential load shed of more than 52 MW. According to data from California ISO, this is enough electricity to supply power to approximately 39,000 homes.

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