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Honeywell Brings Cloud-Based Facility Services and Insights to Toronto's Premier Smart Building

Honeywell is working with Menkes Developments Ltd., a Toronto-based real estate firm, to help trim energy and operational costs at the firm's 25 York Street property, also known as Telus Tower.

25 York Street 1Opened in 2010, 25 York Street is a 30-story commercial facility and a prominent fixture on the Toronto skyline. It is also a world-class smart building, featuring connected systems designed and delivered by Honeywell. To identify new opportunities to improve efficiency and the environment for occupants, Honeywell will now provide cloud-based services that analyze facility performance data and turn it into actionable recommendations.

“Even the most advanced facilities will experience a gradual decrease in performance over time, and it can be difficult to identify and address those issues before they negatively impact the bottom line,” said John Rajchert, President of Honeywell Building Solutions. “Honeywell has the tools and expertise to make it easier for companies to not only know what is happening in their facilities, but to also take the appropriate actions to keep them operating at a high level.”

Mark Hamel
Safety and Productivity Solutions
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