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Shane Tedjarati's Interview on CNBC-TV18: Engaging the Dragon

ShaneTejShane Tedjarati, President, Global High Growth Regions, Honeywell was interviewed by Shereen Bhan, Managing Editor of India’s leading business channel, and a highly awarded journalist and business historian as part of CNBC-TV18’s special programming on China called “Engaging the Dragon”, as India Prime Minister Narendra Modi toured and engaged with the country to further bilateral ties.

As a leader responsible for Honeywell’s growth in China and India, Shane has a unique perspective on doing business in these two countries. He can also speak with authority on the differences between China and India when it comes to conducting business, and what India must do to realize its full potential.

Speaking about his understanding of the company’s relation with China and India and what the latter can learn from the former’s growth story, Shane said, “You have a golden opportunity, you have a population and a business community that is excited, a Prime Minister who is very capable and we know him well.” Shane also added, “I do believe that India can get there but more than belief I do hope it can get there because it so crucial to our business and to the world”

Mint, India’s second largest business newspaper, published a transcript of this interview in a six-column spread, while, India’s top financial portal with 17 million monthly visitors, uploaded the transcript. Shane’s one-on-one interaction with CNBC-TV18 came soon after Dave Cote was interviewed by Shereen Bhan during his India visit. If you missed that program, you can watch it here.

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