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Focal4 SSA System Adds Responsive Search To Identify Potential Issues Captured In Twitter Feeds

Focal4_DeviceGroupHoneywell's Gamewell-FCI Focal4 Shared Situational Awareness (SSA) system delivers real-time topic trending information from Twitter.

An add-on to the Focal4 software, CAPSOL, which stands for Capture Social Media, uses search engine optimization to look for keywords cited in open Twitter feeds, for example shooter, bombing and fire. Because most Twitter activity is public and includes geo-locations based on the IP address of the person posting information, CAPSOL and Focal4 can accurately pinpoint the location of that communication and determine if it is relevant to the safety and security of an organization.

“When we look at how people communicate today, it's through social media,” says John Stofa, CET, CFPS and municipal consultant, Honeywell Fire Safety. “Twitter provides a platform for real-time communication and CAPSOL can analyze those messages and make them actionable if they help identify a potential threat.”

Focal4 helps improve emergency response and streamline day-to-day operations by monitoring disparate safety, security and building systems, quickly identifying potential threats and delivering that information to facility and security personnel through a central interface or mobile devices.

The whitepaper on SSA titled, “Combining Situational Awareness and Emergency

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