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Honeywell and Caterpillar Celebrate 60 years of Turbocharged Collaboration at NYSE The Closing Bell

In-storyHoneywell and Caterpillar celebrated 60 years of partnership which commenced with the signature inscription “Let’s Get Started” from Honeywell Garrett on the original project request for an engine boosting device. Shortly thereafter, CAT launched its D9 tractor, the biggest and most powerful crawler of its day, and started the journey of six decades of turbo innovation from Honeywell serving the commercial and passenger vehicle industries. Honeywell CEO and Chairman Dave Cote and Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman rang the closing bell at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on June 16, 2015, in celebration of their new “Let’s Keep Going” theme aligned from that original inscription and inspiring future collaboration and success between the two American companies.

In 1950, Garrett engineers developed with Caterpillar, a plan to equip Caterpillar engines with an exhaust turbocharger. A wooden mockup was built in December 1950, a decision was made in 1952 to begin work on a limited number of experimental turbos. The first Garrett test unit, a model T02, was shipped to Caterpillar in March 1953. Results of the first units were outstanding. The first unit operated satisfactorily for more than 1,800 hours during the 10 months of demanding duty on an earth mover.

The First T15 turbocharger was delivered to Caterpillar in mid-1954; a month later Garrett was given an order for 5,000 production units. The order led to formation, in September 1954, of the AiResearch Industrial Division, established turbocharging development and production. The T30, designed for larger engines, was on its way to Caterpillar in October; turbochargers were pouring out of the new manufacturing plant near the Garrett corporate headquarters. The first production D9 –the first track-type tractor produced by Caterpillar since 1938 – came off the assembly line in April 1955. At that time, it was the world’s largest and most powerful tractor, weighing more than 56,000 pounds with a turbocharged 286 horsepower engine.

In-story2Today, Honeywell supplies Caterpillar with numerous boosting technologies from 30 dedicated global resources serving various types of commercial vehicles including excavators, bull dozers and mining trucks. Honeywell turbo technology helps Caterpillar produce more powerful and fuel efficient engines while also helping reduce emissions in the global markets it serves.