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Honeywell Breakthrough Technology Helping China Meet Growing Demand for Plastics

In-storyHoneywell's Advanced Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO) process will help China's Better Clean Energy to convert methanol into high-value petrochemicals, helping meet growing global demand for plastics and other key materials. Honeywell UOP's MTO technology provides a cost-effective way to convert methanol derived from coal or natural gas, rather than imported crude oil, into the components to make plastics, synthetics and other materials.

This award is Honeywell UOP's fifth licensing win for its MTO process and comes after the successful start up of its first commercial-scale MTO facility for China's Wison Clean Energy in September 2013. That unit has produced more than 360 million pounds of ethylene and propylene since it went into production, meeting all of its performance criteria, including yield quality and quantity.

“MTO technology has revolutionized the modern petrochemicals industry by providing an economical way to turn low-cost coal and even natural gas into the chemicals needed to make plastics,” said Mike Millard, vice president and general manager of Honeywell UOP's Process Technology and Equipment business. “Our first commercial MTO facility in China proved the viability of our technology, generating high yields of the compounds needed to meet the growing global demand for plastics.”

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